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, transporting 10 times the amount of water the mississippi river transports into the gulf of mexico. >> this is the largest gathering of scientists in the world. we cover all aspects of earth and space science. oceans, atmospheres, the solid earth. climate. >> reporter: four new observeries, using ground moisture sensors to gps satellites. >> they look up into the heart of the storms. a mile up in the atmosphere. >> one is being built this month to monitor pineapple express winder storms caused by atmospheric rivers. >> if we know the start time and the end time and we know how long it will last, that will likely predict 75% accuracy of the precipitation that is likely to occur. >> reporter: scientists tell us knowing how much rain is coming enables them to predict which areas will flood. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> los angeles mayor mayor antonio villaraigosa got involved in the labor dispute at the port of los angeles long beach. talks went nowhere over the weekend. mayor antonio villaraigosa wants around the clock bargaining with the
channel 2 news. >>> new data released today shows a drop in illegal immigrants. the number of illegal immigrants dropped to 11 million last year. for the first time since 1910 hispanic immigration was topped by asian. 80% comes from mexico. but researchers say it is decreasing because of a weakened u.s. company and stronger enforcement. >>> judge told lawyers with apple and samsung she wants them to negotiate out of court. samsung wants a judge to throw out a lawsuit and the apple wants them to add $500 million to the award and ban some projects. the judge will rule if she has to but it will be a lengthsy process. apple's ceo says the company will produce a line of macs here in the u.s. next year. in a taped interview for rock center he said he isn't sure where the factory will be built. the company will spend $100 million to move it to the u.s. >>> the state attorney general filed suit against delta today. states attorney general kamala harris says fly delta collects personal information without posting a policy for users. it aims to stop them from distributing the app till they post
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2